Personal brand/professional


Businesses and their managers and staff face many distractions today that are self-inflicted. One of these distractions is a lack of personal effectiveness. Being personally effective typically means being up and doing such that you can achieve what you have set out to, not minding the distractions and limitations that you might face. Personal effectiveness is the ability to get things done without little or no guidance or monitoring by a third party.

Being personally effective will mean that you are productive and typically a self-starter.  Being able to manage oneself and time in such a way that keeps you focused consistently is a sure step towards personal effectiveness. Improving in achieving set goals consistently is a sure indicator of being personally effective.

Personally effective people don’t cave on their focus because of distractions. Personally effective people are disciplined and can withhold instant gratification. They are willing to wait before they take time out to rest. One of the ways to get more done within the available time is to use one’s time wisely. This can be very tricky to define. Personal effectiveness means being smart with how you handle your affairs. Setting up your day in a way that allows you to do what is productive, rewarding, and healthful is all about being personally effective.

For some of us, chances are that we just want to connect more, talk more, approach more, engage more, reflect more, be more approachable and logical, etc. The first step is in understanding your goals while going through these other suggestions that I have stated below:

  1. Build new habits that lead to new behaviors that will make you more productive. This can make you more positive-minded. They must also be habits in line with your overall goals.
  2. Don’t dwell too much on perfecting your decision-making. Practice brings room for improvement, not perfection. Don’t let procrastination hinder your growth. Sometimes, getting ahead to do what we have set out to do will eventually lead us to do them well as we make those recurring actions.
  3. Being smart to know what drives you and what your driving force is. Don’t move around deflated and searching for validation before choosing a position in life. Life answers to those that live them.
  4. Stay focused on your goals. Determination is the key to becoming personally effective. You notice a lapse and you intend to correct them or make them not noticeable or eradicated. When you see people that are up and running achieving their goals back-to-back; you should take time to reflect on their enthusiasm and positivity about life and living. If you are positive about your life and work goals chances are that they can lead you to become personally effective.  

Today's business executives are overwhelmed with a lot of responsibilities and deliverables, and chances are that they will never catch up with all of them. What will separate them from others is their ability to stay focused amid these distractions. Being personally effective can be a helpful antidote and precursor to peak performance.