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Team building is one of the strategic business decisions that never go out of fashion in any organization. This is because it takes a team or teamwork to function effectively in any organization (organizations cannot work without an adequate team).

  • Share the vision
  • Keep them committed
  • Make everyone important and functional

Assembling formidable teams is of the reasons you have HR personnel in organizations. One of their roles is to devote their time to understanding how their organizations work and who would be a great fit or addition to them. What this means is that organizational performance is a function of the formation or assemblage of a formidable team. For self-employed individuals like myself transiting to becoming a business owner, assembling the right team can be a tricky game.

First off, the ability to assemble a great team might be tied to your clarity in sharing your vision and knowing whether it aligns with your aspirations. It is difficult to walk with someone when you do not have an inkling of their destination. Knowing the destination from the beginning is important as it helps your team to understand your reason for existence and where you intend to go. Don’t leave your team in the dark about your vision and destination. It helps get the right person on the bus.

Secondly, the ability to sustain that relationship in terms of nurturing, remuneration, and guidance also plays a major role, little wonder most entrepreneurs and self-employed people bootstrap in the early stages of their businesses. Creating a system that nurtures, compensates them for their time and outputs, and creates the ability to continually give guidance is critical as you think about building your team. A team or a team member that is left like an orphan will eventually lose direction. Creating a program and system of support is important because at some point you will need to provide these to keep the team going.

Thirdly, the desire to add value is also important because the assumption is that everyone contributes to the success or otherwise of any team. A team can be a formation of experts or just a formation of ordinary people that are committed to a common goal which eventually makes them extraordinary. Understand that no one is more special than the other in a team. The activity of the whole is greater than the output of a few. While you will eventually find out that some team members might bring more to the table than others, ensuring that each contribution is valuable and important will help your team play to their strengths and not just make a statement individually. No one is a team alone; a team should be an assemblage of people with a common goal.

Your ability to bring together people that have resolved to work together no matter their differences and personal aspirations will entail discipline, commitment, and unending support to nurture, protect and support one another. As you can see in the current Manchester City team that there is a common goal so also it is evident in the Manchester United team that there is no unity of purpose ( there seems to be a new direction at the time of this update).

It is very difficult if not impossible to go alone and succeed in business. Whether you plan to outsource a significant number of your business operations, ensuring that they become aligned with your goals, expectations, and aspirations is crucial for your next growth phase. How are you assembling your team?