Today, Chocoafrikdesign, a start-up print, and design fashion house have launched its range of Backpacks, laptop bags, and phone cases that are trendy and also eco-friendly. The vision of Chocoafrikdesign is to leverage the advocacy for a sustainable environment and launched several environmentally friendly designs in its quest to participate in sustaining our environment.

Chocoafrikdesign has recently launched 5 variants of Ankara-inspired backpacks and laptop bags to cater to students and business executives. The universal appeal and enchanting designs are fit for classrooms and boardrooms. Perhaps you are looking into adding some spice to your upcoming training and looking for something different, going for one of these trendy backpacks and laptop bags won’t be a decision you will regret. The choice is yours, choose one.

Lofty Blue Backpack: The sky is blue and shows a bit of white. The sky inspires creativity and shows the infinite powers of the one above. Put on the creativity and the endless possibilities as you strap this utility behind you. You are sure to be covered, even in the rain.













                                                                                                                                                                           Mat The Mathematician BackPack: With signs and symbols carefully crafted and engrained in the heart of the design, you will agree that this takes precision and calculation. Whether it’s Matilda or Mathew, the world of STEM keeps growing. The trendy backpack is fit for the adventurous, the intuitive, and the innovative. The precision in design and the elegant finish take a deliberate attempt to bring out the uniqueness of the nerds and the yuppies in the world of STEM. Can you calculate this?

Brown Rose Mini Laptop Bag: Ladies, here we go! Roses are red and violets are blue, but what brown rose offers will take you to the moon. Okay, that’s my rhyme. Ladies love it elegant, so this design is inspired by the female who is breaking the glass ceiling in all works of life. The design draws inspiration from both Ankara and kente designs and this gives it a smashing look of class, comfort, and durability. Why don’t you get a Brown Rose for Valentine's?

Exotic Tiffany Backpack: I call it the “ET” of the Now. The radiant flush of exotic tropical colors separates this backpack from the rest. Named after my daughter, it reminds me of poise, fun, and pageantry. The backpack is in a class of its own and calls the shot on its terms. Peradventure you are staying over for a sleepover or embarking on a journey this backpack will meet your travel and study needs, so chill and let the moments in.

Balling Olly Backpack: So my son’s name is Olaoluwa and he likes to read the diary of a wimpy kid just like his sister. Balling Olly is an exuberant design crafted with a sense of fun, adventure, and serendipity. There is always something exciting to watch out for from the Ballimg Olly.

These sets of exclusive designs are crafted with details and are produced based on orders. Fill out our contact form for large orders or simply call Funmi on 08037020428 to make your bookings. You can also go straight to the shop to preorder. What are you waiting for?