Investing Your Time In Your Business Is Your Best Shot At Success

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Investing Your Time In Your Business Is Your Best Shot At Success

Sadly enough, we spend very little time of our lives minding our businesses and yet expect them to grow. Some of us live under the forces of luck and chance, believing that something can happen without doing anything about our plans. We focus so much on what we lack as against what we have going for us. Whatever you give your time to will either grow in some form of interest or grow in terms of accomplishment. If you give time to hard work it will surely pay off. No doubt, work is quite hard, and it sure explains why you see a lot of people waiting on support from friends, the government, and you. WHATEVER YOU GIVE YOUR TIME TO WILL SURELY PAY OFF!

A lot of people claim they have little or no time to do anything. No time to visit their dentist, no time to go to the mall, no time to take an order, or even close that deal. To them, there is something greater or more important than what is important to them. Let me ask you a question quickly. If you failed to brush your teeth and your colleague blocks his nose while you are engaging him, how would you feel? Would you call him a snob or blame yourself for getting holed up with him without having your teeth brushed?

Your health is your business. Your family or relationship is your business. Your career is your business. Even your gifts and skills are your businesses, so invest your time in them. Time is one of the greatest resources you can never buy back. The way you spend your time now will determine what you will become shorter. Quit wasting your time. Learn to always do something that will take you to your greater goals. Do you want to be a writer-go ahead and do it. You might not and will not be an expert in a day, but you are sure going to get there one day. Let your driving force be the fact that you have invested your time and sure will reap at least something.

Managing your time effectively requires that you overlook your obstacles while striving to grab opportunities to do what you are trying to achieve. I will give you three tips that can go a long way in helping you manage your time effectively.

  • Schedule your task: That's it? Sure, it is. I tell you if you can plan how you intend to spend the next one hour productively; you are a step closer to achieving your goals. Simple as it is, a lot of people just overlook it. I, as a person, have come to realize that if I do not write down and figure out what I intend to do in a day, then that day is as good as gone. It takes a lot to have a disciplined direction. Do not believe that you can just wake up and do whatever you like and achieve results. Have you ever asked why they did timetables to coordinate your classes in junior high or high schools? It simply brings orderliness. Orderliness leads to progression and progression leads to achievement. Schedule your tasks and go ahead doing them one after the other. Go learn from the ants!


  • Delegate your task: You cannot do everything that you want to do, so you need to have the skill of knowing what can be done by others and whom you need to get things done and possibly take you to where you are going. Fine, you want to build a website for your company, and you don’t have the skills. Get somebody to do that and get on with something else. All things work for good for those who know their limit and can source for a push. Even if you know what to do, but do you know how to get it done? Identify what you want to get done. Secondly, separate what you will do and what other people will do for you or through you. Thirdly delegate them and get them done.


  • Delegate more of them: I think that the ability to delegate is one of the attributes of a great leader. A leader comes with a vision and shares it with his people in a mission statement. They come together to draw objectives, goals, and action plans which are accomplished by other people." The capo gives part of his plan to one, another part to another, the whole to none". Why? Simply because that is his business. There is a general belief that billionaires don’t work that hard, they just work smart. I tell you; the smartest part of their work is the hardest part of the business.

Remember that if you do not invest your time into your business, you are one step towards bankruptcy. If you don’t know what you have you cannot know how to use it. My book titled "Take Charge of your Time, Take Charge of Your Life" can help you solve quick decision-making problems. If you invest your time in your business, you sure will be the better for it.