Our Services

Business Development - Business Support Services - Agribusiness Value Chain Management
We offer a diverse set of business development activities that range from ideation to market entry. Our range of services follows the preparation of feasibility studies to the production of goods and services and to market development. We conduct viability assessments of products, services, and activities and guide them through their implementation. Our business development services are designed to help our clients understand their goals and deploy available resources better. With dedicated field and virtual staff, we gather intelligence in the most efficient ways that will help support your business. These include the following: Feasibility studies for new business ideas. Business, marketing, and sales plans for new and existing businesses Surveys, interviews for product development and customer satisfaction, new market development, and competitor analysis

Our Focus
Our major client base is as stated below
01. Entrepreneurs
02. MSMEs and SMEs
03. Associations and Cooperative Societies
04. Public institutions
05. Training
06. Capacity Building
07. Management Consulting

We offer business support services in employee management, staff engagement, capacity building through training and management consulting. We have supported a wide range of businesses cutting across several industries namely finance, real estate, manufacturing, hospitality, and education. We offer online, group, and individual coaching services from technical skills as business development, organization administration, office administration, use of productivity tools, project management to soft skills ranging from personal effectiveness, leadership, team building, emotional intelligence, and business negotiation which aid self-improvement and productivity. We facilitate various kinds of business sessions and events using standard processes and best industry practices to deliver on time and within scope.

Our coaching and facilitation services include:
  • Leadership Development
  • Vision, Mission Actualization, and Goal setting
  • Working in Teams
  • Public Speaking
  • Time & Crisis Management
  • Panel Moderation
  • Mindfulness
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Conducting Brainstorming Sessions
Today’s businesses and 21st-century workers must strive to be learning organizations and individuals. We offer personalized and industry-focused training plans and development services delivered by subject matter experts, resource persons, trainers, and facilitators. They bring their competence in building and enhancing individual, institutional and organizational capacities through our array of e-learning and classroom-based training platforms.

Some of our training plans include:
  • Business Plan Writing Training
  • Effective Listening & Interpersonal Communication Training
  • Small Business Budgeting & Procurement Training
  • Artificial Intelligence & Business Process Automation Management
  • Effective Customer Service and Client Engagement Training
  • Report Writing & Presentation Skills Training
  • Workflow Process Management Training
  • Business Process Automation Training
  • Office Management & Administration Training
  • Time Management Training
  • Persuasive Negotiation & Assertiveness Development Training
  • Motivation, Goal setting & Performance Evaluation Training
  • Team building & Effective Delegation Training
  • Public Speaking & Effective Presentation Training
  • Office & Business Productivity Tools Training
  • Effective Border & Institutional Management Training
  • Management & Business Strategy Development Training
  • Email & Telephone Etiquette Training
  • Logistics
  • Procurement


All over the world, businesses need the services of many players in their value-chain to bring the final goods or services from the producer to the consumer’s doorstep. We serve as intermediaries and aggregators in making this happen.

Below are some of our activities within the value chain.
  • Deliveries
  • Pick-Ups
  • Drop-Offs
  • Warehousing Arrangement
  • Transportation
  • Interstate relocation
  • International Trade Facilitation

Oil & Gas

We are engaged in the sale, marketing, and storage of oil and natural gas. Our interests are as stated below:

  • Liquified Natural Gas
  • Premium Motor Spirit
  • Diesel
  • Production
  • Unlimited power and customization possibilities

We engage in the production of spices, engine oil, mining of minerals and serve as manufacturers’ representatives for a wide range of fast-moving consumer goods.

Real Estate/Properties
Property Development

Real Estate

Property Managers

Our interests are in urban and rural mass housing projects, malls, and stadiums