About Us

Rosewindow Consulting is a subsidiary of Rosewindow Creations Services, registered business by the Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Rosewindow Consulting offer business support and project management services. Other offerings include business training services in sales management, customer service engagement, time management and leadership development. These skills are useful both for personal development and also in the achievement of our customers business objectives. Our learning institute R.E.E.L an acronym for Rosewindow Events and Educational Learning. R.E.E.L offers mentoring services in leadership, creativity and innovation to the general public We are focusing on our clients' development by assisting them in choosing our products and services that best suit their personal and business needs. We strive to achieve these, by engaging our clients in business management development sessions, customer service, sales and time management trainings and much more while offering practical but global solutions needed to move their businesses forward.



Becoming A Better Sales Person

Most of us refuse to just ask for the sale and instead we focus on handling objections and offer clarifications. As long as the sale process is not completed you are still a long way away from your commission or fees. There is no generally acceptable way to ask for the sale than just to tell the customer to make the purchase. Never lose sight of the fact that without the sale there is no business.


Our success however depends largely on us. If we wait to get peoples acknowledgement we might wait longer than necessarily but if we start to appreciate ourselves we would have commenced the journey towards successful living and in no time we would walk into the paths of others who share and would be disposed to fueling our success.

The Pull and Push Concept of Reward

The process of decision making is largely done in the mind and could be fueled either by emotion or logic depending on the state at which the mind is in at that point and the circumstances that surround the decision maker. Whatever the outcome of the decision been made it is important to note that the decision maker is solely responsible for his/her decision and must be ready to defend it either emotionally or logically.